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Welcome to the online archive of the All Saved Freak Band®, accidental pioneers, born of the Jesus Movement and present at the birth of contemporary Christian music. The bi-product of an era, the group's history began in 1968 when co-founders Larry Hill and Joe Markko broadcast their first songs over WREO radio in Ashtabula, Ohio. Over a span of 11 years, ASFB recorded four albums now recognized as classic examples of the earliest "Jesus" music. Prior to global news, instant communications or the Internet the band was unaware that anyone else was recording, what would later be called, Contemporary Christian Music until they heard Larry Norman's first album in 1969. In fact, the liner notes from ASFB's first album, My Poor Generation, read:

"In the beginning, God gave music. Joe Markko was a drug user fresh out of the street and Larry Hill was a Pastor of a church made up of social outcasts, former dopers, hustlers, revolutionaries, outlaws, etc. Both had put their former association with rock music completely out of their lives for a walk with God. For one, it had been fourteen years; for the other, three months. And then the Word was revealed and a new kind of music was being created. The first Jesus-rock group in the nation was born, the All Saved Freak Band."

Though history calls that last statement into question it was, at the time, the nearest thing to truth band members knew. Independently recorded and produced, the music of ASFB was played on hundreds of radio stations in 14 different countries by the time they disbanded at the end of 1979. Now residing in Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee and Arizona, former members remain active in their local churches and continue their spiritual journeys in Christ.
We encourage you to spend some time with our Jesus Music Timeline. Attempting to examine the first several years of Jesus Music's initial impulse, we've compiled, by year, a list of musicians/ministers generally considered formative to the genre of Contemporary Christian Music. With YouTube videos and samples of their music, we believe our suggested Timeline can provide a rich experience for students of the Jesus Movement and Jesus Music in particular. While it will likely take several hours to finish the entire Timeline we trust it will prove time well spent.

Finally, we suggest that, if Larry Norman is the "father" of Contemporary Christian Music then the All Saved Freak Band are its dysfunctional aunts and uncles, the kind people prefer to keep locked in their rooms. Brothers of Misfortune, three band members lost their lives in their attempt to forward the long Unaccepted Message in a then unacceptable medium. This site remembers those pioneers and casualties of Contemporary Christian Music who mortgaged their futures in their attempt to change the world, one person at a time. "Take what you've got and do with it what you can, cause the Good God in Heaven needs a sower in the land." [asfb:Sower,1980]

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